We offer a variety of services from repair on acoustics and electric guitars, to amplifiers and microphones.

Authorized Repair Shop for 

Taylor – Silver Level




Fretted Instruments
(Guitars/Ukuleles/Banjos etc.)

Labor rate: $65/hour.  Shop materials and parts may be extra.

From a basic restring, to complex neck resets and crack repairs,  Brian does all manner of fretted instrument repair.  Bring your instrument in to the shop for a free estimate and explanation of work that may be needed.  We strive to be as accurate as possible with our estimates, but each job is unique, and prices are subject to change.


Electronics Repair 
(Amp/PA/Effects etc.)

All electronics work is based on our low bench rate of $80/hr. (Best Rate around)

A $80 bench fee is required before any estimates are to be done. This fee is due to the fact that most electronics estimates require the piece of equipment to be “opened up” and inspected before any assessments can be made.

We try to be as accurate as possible with all our estimates, but unforeseen issues may arise during the course of a repair. If we find that our estimate is significantly undervalued, we will contact you before proceeding further with a repair.