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Welcome 2020!

2019 was year of significant change here at Tree Strings, LLC. The biggest change was a greater focus on repair work over retail sales. Last spring, we adjusted our retail hours to spend much needed time in the workshop completing your repairs. This has worked out very well, so as we move into the new year, repair work will be an even greater part of our business model.

Tree Strings, LLC has one of the most complete repair shops in the region. We have much more space dedicated to repairs than any other retail guitar shop we’ve visited. Brian continues to improve and update the shop through both capital improvements and investing in new tools to make repair work more efficient and effective. Brian is also always learning new (and old) repair techniques and methods in both luthiery and electronics. Brian is one of few technicians in the area that have expertise in both of these fields.

As 2020 progresses, you will see more new products come into the store and an enhanced product mix . We don’t want to spoil all of the fun, so let’s just say that there will always be interesting things for you to check out in the showroom!

If you haven’t been in the shop recently, you haven’t seen our new test room!  That’s right, now when you come in to try out a guitar or anything else and you can do so in this quiet space! We added a door to our “case closet” that leads from our main showroom into this new test room that gives you plenty of space to try out any of our products in relative peace and quiet. You will love this room!

We are giving our newsletter a reboot, so you will be hearing from us more consistently this year, starting now. We hope you find its contents interesting! Brian will also be creating a Blog that will focus primarily on repairs and instrument care, with some other interesting things thrown in.

We have two core principles that will never change: The way we care for you, our customer, and our dedication to our craft. We are always growing and moving forward, so THANK YOU for being with us over the last 5 years. We hope to see you in the shop!

-Brian & Brenda

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